Company History

In 2010, a civil engineering contractor of low-rise commercial buildings in Visayas and Mindanao ventured into low-cost mass housing project. Using his existing properties in Lapu-lapu City, he started to develop a residential subdivision under a newly formed company which calls itself, Pacific Grande Realty & Devt. Corp. .

The business in which Pacific Grande engaged is in response to the growing back-log for low-cost residential housing units in the region. The owners of Pacific Grande have significant experience in building construction, vehicle financing, and water purification business. To optimize the building construction experience, Pacific Grande decided to venture in development of residential subdivisions and condominiums.

As a continuing process, the company has been applying various innovations in many areas of industry. It pioneered the application of pre-paid water and electricity supply by using programmable water and electric meters and electric door locks. These innovations aim in improving the over-all quality of the units, delivery time, and maintenance at very acceptable price.